Family Legacy Maintenance Program

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Because the laws change frequently, and your family situation may change as well, we offer The Family Legacy Maintenance Program™. Provided you have created your “foundational documents” your first year is free and includes all of the following benefits:

  • Periodic updates to your ancillary documents including your durable powers of attorney and advance directives such as your health care surrogate and living will.
  • Comprehensive updates to the legal documents we have created for you for statutory or tax law changes; name changes for children and grandchildren; or changes to the office of trustee or personal representative.
  • Unlimited phone consultation with members of our staff on any matter related to your estate and wealth preservation plan.
  • Assistance with funding accounts, assets or properties acquired after your initial funding into your trust or legal entity.
  • Regular, members-only bulletins on new or pending changes in the law that may affect you.
  • Review of assets funded into your trust or legal entity for adequacy.
  • Admission and materials for private workshops on important topics, including our trademarked educational materials. If you can’t attend, we will send you a DVD recording of the workshop.
  • Our team will interact upon request with your other professionals such as your CPA or financial advisor; or with family members as you direct.
  • Fifteen percent (15%) reduction from our standard rates for The Estate Settlement Solution™, which is our unique estate and trust administration process.

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