Estate & Trust Planning

Dear Friends:

What comes to mind when you think about your estate plan? Many people believe that an estate plan only addresses who gets what at your death. Consider, however, that a well thought out estate plan will also protect you in the event that you should become disabled. In the event of your disability, do you have a plan for someone to manage your legal and financial affairs? Will they have the adequate legal documents in place to do so? Will your assets be properly titled into your trust accounts so that they can help you?

Do you have a system to keep your estate planning documents up to date with ever changing trust laws, tax laws and with your current financial and family situation? Does your plan adequately protect your surviving spouse, children and grandchildren from the reaches of creditors or predators? Do you even understand what your current documents say?

Are you confused by conflicting advice? Your attorney tells you one thing, your accountant tells you another, while your financial advisor offers a third opinion. Whom should you believe? Your legal, tax and financial advisors should understand your estate plan and be in harmony with your goals. Where do you begin?

We have created a unique estate planning process that addresses all of these concerns. It’s called The Family Legacy Solution™, and it is designed to transform your legal, tax and financial concerns into an understandable, coordinated estate plan. Moreover, our one-of-a-kind Family Legacy Maintenance Program™ ensures that your estate plan is kept up to date with changes to the laws and to your family or financial condition.

Our firm has vast estate planning experience assisting Floridians since 1924. As a shareholder in our firm, I am a Florida Bar Board Certified Wills, Trusts & Estates attorney who also happens to hold my license as a CPA. I am confident that our team has the ability to meet any estate planning challenge. The following pages describe The Family Legacy Solution™. We hope that our process gives you the confidence and ease of mind that your affairs are well taken care of.


Craig Hersch
Craig Hersch Photo
Creator, The Family Legacy Solution™
Florida Bar Board Certified Wills, Trusts & Estates Attorney, CPA